• Strong Truck Dealer Relationships Save Repairers Time and Money

    Hino Cabs

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    A strong relationship with Hino dealers is key for smash repairers wanting to most efficiently repair their customers’ vehicles, according to Hino Australia.

    By working closely with staff from our extensive dealership network, repairers will have quick access to Hino genuine parts, plus the expertise of the trained Hino staff.

    The high levels of technology in modern trucks is another reason to seek the support of a local Hino dealer.

    The all-new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab model, for example, has a standard Pre-Collision System (PCS) which operates via a radar system in the front bumper.

    PCS is a combination of the 500 Series Standard Cab’s Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection (PD) and Safety Eye (SE) systems, which together form the most comprehensive safety package ever offered in a Japanese medium duty truck.

    If the front bumper is damaged, removed and/or replaced, the PCS needs to be recalibrated by a Hino dealer to make it operational again.

    This is a specialised procedure that takes approximately one hour and can be carried out either at the dealer or possibly at the repairer.

     “This is obviously a cost that the repairer needs to consider when quoting the original job, so it makes sense to establish a strong relationship with the local Hino dealer for the efficient supply of the repair parts and this expertise,” said Kirk Harrison, Hino Australia’s Manager of Parts and Accessories.

    Hino dealers offer an extensive array of genuine replacement parts from complete cabs to the smallest component, all made to original-equipment specification and carrying a factory warranty.

    Every day a truck is off the road it is costing its operator money and the pressure to return it to service as quickly as possible can see repairers encouraged to take shortcuts, but in fact the most cost-effective shortcut is actually to specify genuine original parts.

    “Hino genuine parts are readily available from our dealer network and are guaranteed to fit every time, which reduces repair times and ensures repairers don’t have comeback from unhappy customers when non-genuine parts fail,” Mr Harrison said.

    “Faster repairs also mean greater turnaround and turnover for repairers, as repair bays are freed up more quickly.

    “No matter which way you look at it, it’s a cheaper solution than trying to cut corners during repairs.”

    Hino dealers can supply complete cab assemblies from its Sydney warehouse, with delivery to any capital city in Australia in as little as three business days.

    “Ordered via our dealer network, these cabs are an easy and quick replacement for trucks that are extensively damaged, and they’re available in the appropriate configuration for manual and automatic variants of the 300, 500 and 700 Series models, including the new 500 Series Standard Cab models,” Mr Harrison explained.

    All Hino genuine parts including cab assemblies come with a one year/100,000 kilometre warranty whichever comes first.