As vehicle electronic systems continue accelerating rapidly, fault-finding, repairs and calibration are ever-increasingly complex tasks. Diagnostic tools, data and repair information are key workshop tools; however, with a wealth of brands to choose from, investing in the right solution – and knowing how to use it – are challenges that technicians regularly face. Thankfully the answer lies in the new range of diagnostic tools, data and ADAS Calibration solutions from Europe’s leading diagnostic brand, Hella Gutmann Solutions.


     The result of a joint venture between global automotive technology leader HELLA and diagnostic specialist Gutmann Messetechnik, Hella Gutmann Solutions has established a reputation for being at the forefront of diagnostic technology and ADAS calibration. Unsurprising perhaps, given that HELLA is the name behind many of the electronic and lighting systems used by vehicle manufacturers worldwide to improve safety and comfort.

    When it comes to fault-finding and repair, whatever your workshop requirements, the mega macs range of diagnostic tools from Hella Gutmann Solutions has it covered. From the state-of-the-art mega macs 77 to the mega macs PC, which enables any Windows PC, laptop or tablet to be turned in to a powerful diagnostic device, one thing comes as standard: access to a powerful database of vehicle data for more than 40,000 individual models.

    State-of-the-art features

    With the mega macs diagnostic tools, new and highly-advanced features make accurate fault diagnosis quicker and easier than ever.

    Not only can fault codes be read and deleted from the vehicle memory; coding and corrections made to the basic settings, and service indicators reset, all relevant parameters can also be saved in the devices’ Car History memory for future reference.

    Each mega macs device is also future-proof by being PassThru enabled, allowing the latest ECU firmware updates to be downloaded directly from the vehicle manufacturers’ websites to the device, as and when more of the OEMs support this programming protocol.

    In addition to comprehensive product familiarisation and training, workshops that choose Hella Gutmann Solutions benefit from a high level of technical assistance. From basic tasks and troubleshooting, to help with interpreting data or information on spare parts, an Australian-based technical support team is just a phone call away.

    ‘Real-time repair’ concept

    The Hella Gutmann Solutions ‘realtime repair’ concept incorporates a range of features to ensure that even the most complex repairs can be completed with ease, optimising workshop time and maximising productivity.

    The Repair Plus feature allows the mega macs 56 or mega macs 77 diagnostic tools to connect directly to the huge Hella Gutmann Solutions technical database and enables the device to propose the appropriate repair. Should further help be required, the technician can draw from the vast knowledge of qualified experts and technicians at Hella Gutmann Solutions’ global headquarters.

    ADAS Calibration

    Powered by the mega macs range, Hella Gutmann Solutions has the Aftermarket solution for the calibration of ADAS related cameras and radar covering up to 29 OEM brands, both static and dynamic calibration methods plus side and rear camera systems.

    For further information or to organise a demonstration, visit hella.com.au, call 1800 061 729 or email hgscustomersupport@hella.com  

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