• Can YOUR panel & paint businesses REALLY reduce expenditure on energy?

    With what feels like forever increasing electricity and gas prices, the panel and paint industry is facing quite a unique challenge. Australia, our country with literally an embarrassment of resources, now has the most expensive grid power in the world. It is sad to admit that high energy prices are affecting the sustainability and outright survival of Australian businesses and unfortunately there is no reprieve in sight.

    It’s not so out of control for all panel and paint business owners though. Many are taking advantage to eliminate their reliance on grid power by generating their own energy with rooftop solar. Federal solar subsidies currently provide between 20-35% of the cost of commercial solar, but with energy being a focal point for the reelected government, levels of available government funding may change.

    On average, panel and paint companies spend $1,500 per month on electricity. By implementing solar they can save around $1,080 a month on their energy bills.

    Unfortunately, and this is a bit of a shame, solar doesn’t suit all businesses. It really depends on the total energy usage and profile, available roof space, roof orientation and plans to remain at the current location.

    But there’s further hope! Being a tenant is no longer a barrier to solar. Many landlords see the value of enabling their tenants to access solar - a clean, renewable energy source on their roof. Which landlord wouldn’t prefer their tenants to be in better financial health with plans to stay longer?

    Choice Energy is a preferred supplier with Capricorn, helping members save on their energy costs and reduce their dependence on grid power. As a nationally award-winning service provider, we pride ourselves in offering premium solar assessment and installation services, with guaranteed results.

    Get your free solar feasibility assessment today and find out if a solar system is a viable option for your panel and paint business.

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